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Note: This is pretty out of date. Please update me!

Soldering Equipment

  • Metcal PS200 x 1 (who knows)
  • Metcal PS2E-01 x 4 Solder Stations. Don't use metal iron holders that aren't metcal units.
  • Metcal MX-500P x 20. To attach a wand unscrew the connector part, then pull out. Don't use metal iron holders that aren't metcal ( we have more of these now)
  • Metcal DS1 Desoldering gun x 2 (one on loan) Manual Set to no more than 80PSI and make sure the filters are installed.
  • Hakko 808 desoldering gun. Product Page
  • MadellTech Quik853 PCB preheater x 2 Product Page
  • MadellTech QK870 hot plate Manual Hack It I've just recalibrated this, so use lower temperatures than typical, try 190C as the max.
  • Edsyn 1036DX hot air soldering station (1)Product Page
  • Edsyn 951SX temp controlled soldering station Product Page
  • T-862++ BGA Rework Station Digital Infrared System IR Product Page</code>

Test Equipment

  • Protek B940 True RMS multimeter Product Page
  • Tektronix TDS 2024B 200Mhz four channel digital storage scope Manual(1)
  • Tenma dual channel crt scope
  • Velleman hand held scope
  • HP 100Mhz State, 500Mhz timing logic analyser 16550A Manual
  • Innotronix Logic Analyser(1)
  • Bus Pirate x 2 Product Page
  • Sump Logic Analyser, Dangerous Prototypes version
  • BK 4Mhz Sweep Function Generator Product Page
  • Tenma counter
  • HP 3478A Multimeter - Calibrated 11/20/2010
  • HP 4274A Multi-Freq LCR Meter</code>

Programming tools

3D Printers

  • Ender 3 w/ Enclosure
  • Qidi X Plus
  • Makerbot Replicator
  • Makerbot Replicator clone


Development boards

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