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What is the Temperature at the space?

We have setup a weather station at NSL using AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station and Weewx software running on Raspberry Pi using NESDR Nano 3 Software defined radio chip based on RTL2832U chip. We also have AcuRite Wireless indoor temperature/humidity distributed around the space to see indoor temperatures in different area of the space.

If you are connected to the Null Space network you can see Weewx interface at local web on the local network and when outside the space on ourwebsite(coming soon)

Local mods


  • Weewx Weather station software
  • weewx-sdr SDR plugin for weewx
  • rtl-sdr RTL Software Defined Radio
  • rtl_433 Library for 433mhz devices using RTL library
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