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What is with that Clock in the corner?

The time most of the time, if between second 15 and 20 it shows the temperature, then if between second 20 and 25 it shows humidity. If the space is “open” vs. “closed” based on the position of the doorpi switch. The clock patterns are slightly different.

But How?

The Arduino platform based software use esp32 mcu to get the time from NTP, then monitors the MAX44009 light sensor so that the clock is not overly bright when we are watch movies. It reads from a BME680 sensor to get relative humidity, barometric pressure, ambient temperature and gas (VOC). The Clock is made up of 7 segment digits each lit by 5 WS2812B RGB leds.


  • Generic ESP32CAM dev board.
  • MAX44009 dev board
  • BME680 dev board
  • WS2812B 144 LED per meter strips
  • 3D printed case based on Ivan Maranda's GIANT 3D PRINTED CLOCK


  • Git Repo Clock code and PCB(untested).
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