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Rig is a 20-something female member of Null Space Labs. She joined in December, 2010.


Rig is an accredited teacher and completely un-noted philosopher in the field of developmental psychology. Her contributions to her field are limited to the students she teaches directly and the handful of people who read her crackpot rantings on Facebook.

She has lived both in the United States and in Europe and has compared child rearing practices from all over the globe in search of the Parenting Formula.

The Parenting Formula

Rig maintains that there is a correct and quantifiable method to parenting that will produce an emotionally and physically balanced member of society, which she refers to as “The Parenting Formula”. When she is elected dictator of the world, the Parenting Formula will be used to determine suitability of breeders for rearing children.


  • M.Ed., Secondary Education, University of Phoenix, 2008
  • B.A., Linguistics and Psychology, UCLA,


  • Black belt in Terminal Verbosity


A list of projects completed by Rig at Null Space Labs:

  • Soldering
    • Null Space Cylon
  • Lockpicking
    • Masterlock padlock


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