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Local places to pick up electronic components, (roughly) sorted by distance from NSL:


Alternative or OEM places to buy things that sparkfun add a huge tax too then ship really slowly

Tactile switches, smd momentary NSL Cylon II, 5 way joystick <BR>

PCB Houses

  • Haven't used
  • Good, cheap
  • Great
  • eh, zero customer service, mistakes are common
  • OK
  • Haven't used, but been really responsive and helpful
  • Olimex are a great company
  • http:// BatchPCB gets their boards from here
  • low cost pcb assembly
  • Expensive
  • Ask arclight
  • Haven't tried.
  • PCB batch orders. No minimum, setup or postage fees.
  • Another PCB batcher. About 10 bucks for 10 5cm x 5cm boards. 3 week turnaround.
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