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NSL Classes, Workshops and Meets

If you are interested in hosting a class please list it as an offer below. Non-keyholders who wish to run a class or event at the space should contact one or more sponsoring keyholders to ensure you have access to the space. You don't have to do this… Parking lot classes by moonlight can be fun!


Classes which are scheduled.


Classes with willing instructors who are currently gauging interest.

If you are interested in a class work workshop below please let us know! Go to the class page (create it if it does not exist.) Look for the Interested section and add your name to the list. If you like, include general availability information. When there is enough interest in a given class the instructors' ego will be satisfied, and the class may be scheduled!

Single-Day Workshops

Multi-Day Courses


Requests by the community which have not yet been fulfilled.

  • Basic CAD
  • Homebrew 3 axis router
  • Build your own 3D printer
  • Intro to Eagle (again)
  • Python Class

Past Classes and Workshops

Just because it's been done before doesn't mean we won't do it again!

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