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Bay Threat 2011 Badge

CharliePlexed LED badge

Source files Sub Version or WebSVN

Uses a 1 x 6 ISP socket, needs a kraken, AVR Dragon, AVR ISP etc. to program chips! Don't forget!!! . 6 pin 1×3 to 1×6 adapter or jumpers required.

Jameco stock this programmer or this

See here for general programming details AVR_Programmer

code is in svn folder svn:// or use websvn above….

there are two projects, prebuilt hex files for flashing with programmer are in default folder.

note the ISP clock speed when you program them.. battery power is fine for programming

AVR Studio 4 and WinAVR to build projects

avr studio 4


<code> fuses are default settings for attiny2313 you can unset ckdiv/8 to make change the clock speed to 8Mhz make sure the speed for the ISP programmer is 125Khz for more time don't go lower than 1Mhz clock speed if using a dragon to program</code>

BOM Jameco

See note about battery holder below

 1 x AtTINY2313-2O               [[]]
 1 x CR2450 Battery              [[]]
 7 x 220 Ohm 1/4 W PTH Resistors [[]] (BAG of 100)
 1 x 6mm Switch to change modes  [[]]
 30 x T1 LED (RED)               [[]]
 30 x T1 LED (GREEN)             [[]]
 30 x T1 LED ( BLUE)             [[]]
 Header pins, each badge needs 6, these are strips of 40, these can be optional for programming only.
 6 pins needed for each  badge, strips of 40  [[|headers]]

Jameco doesn't carry the PTH CR2450 battery holder. Only digikey BK-5033


 1 x ATMEL - ATTINY2313-20PU
 30 x 3MM PTH LED ( HLMP-KB45-A0000  you choose colour 83H6746 newark example) less than 3.1V Forward volts. 3.3V at a push
 6 x 220 ohm 1/4W PTH resistors example
 1 x 24MM PTH CR Battery holder (2450 Battey)
 1 x CR2450 Battery, you can change which battery you want to use as long as its a 24MM holder. Digikey etc batteries are 'california' so not as good
 1 x 6mmx6mm PTH switch, momentary

Optional for programming

 1 x 6 pin 2.54mm header programming socket
 1 x STK500/STK600/AVR Dragon for programming
 1 x 6 Pin IDC to  Pin 2.54mm header

Layout PDF

Flat side of LED goes to | on PDF


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