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(HA) Headphone output amp circuit(VC) Volume Control Voltage output circuit(PG) Pitch Control and Gate output circuit(TA) Output amp for tuner

All capacitors are 50V 10% Ceramic unless othewise noted

C2,C6 15pFC16 22pF NPOC9 33pF 5% NPOC1(HA),C7(PG) 100pFC8(PG) 330pFC12,C1(TA),C2(PG),C3(PG),C4(PG) 1nFC14 1800pF 5% polypropylene or polystyreneC1,C5 3300pF 5% polypropylene or polystyreneC24 3300pFC23 4700pF C15 6800pF polyesterC3,C7,C26 0.01μF polyesterC9(PG),C10(PG) 10nFC21,C22,C27,C28 .1μF C5(PG),C6(PG) 100nF PolypropyleneC1(PG) 220nFC29,C30,C10,C11 0.47μFC4,C8,C17,C18,C25 1μF 35V tantalumC13 22μFC19,C20 2200μF 35V aluminum electrolitic

D1,D4,D5 1N4148 signal diodeD2,D3 1N4001 power diodeD1(PG),D2(PG) 1N4148 or 1N914B Diode

L7,L8 2.5mH 3 section RF chokeL9 5mH 3 section RF chokeL1,L2 10mH 3 section RF chokeL3 25mH 3 section RF chokeL11 66μH Variable inductorL5,L6 100μH Variable inductor

P1(PG) 10k multiturn trimmerP2(PG) 50k multiturn trimmerP1,P2 5kΩ potenitometer linear taperP3,P4 50kΩ potenitometer linear taperP5 50kΩ potenitometer audio

Q1(PG) 2N3906 PNP transistorQ1-Q8,Q2(PG) 2N3904 NPN transistor

All Resistors are 1/4W 5% unless otherwise noted

R11,R20 33ΩR3(HA),R4(HA) 330ΩR1,R4,R5,R8,R3(TA),R3(HA) 1kΩR16(PG) 1kΩ PTC ThermesistorR2,R6,R13,R16,R21,R24(PG) 2.2kΩR18 2.7kΩR24,R26,R31,R32,R33,R34 4.7kΩR9,R12,R22,R23,R39,R40 10KΩR1(TA),R1(HA),R6(PG),R7(PG) 10kΩR20(PG),R21(PG),R25(PG) 10kΩR3(PG),R4(PG),R5(PG),R12(PG),R13(PG) 22kΩR3,R7,R30,R38,R2(TA),R1(PG) 47kΩR2(PG),R15(PG),R18(PG) 47kΩR29,R2(HA),R26(PG) 100KΩR27,R28 150kΩR4(TA)R17(PG) 220kΩR25,R10(PG),R11(PG),R19(PG) 330kΩR10,R15,R17,R19,R28(PG),R31(PG) 470kΩR8(PG),R9(PG) 680kΩR14,R36,R29(PG),R30(PG) 1MΩR14(PG) 1.2MΩR37 3.3MΩR35 4.7MΩR22(PG),R23(PG),R27(PG) 10MΩ

U1 LM78L12 12V positive regulatorU2 LM79L12 12V negative regulatorU1(HA) TL081 Operational AmplifierU1(TA) LM3080N or CA3080E integrated circuitU3,U1(PG) LM13700N Dual Operational transconductance amplifierU2(PG),U8(PG) CD4093E Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt TriggerU3(PG) CD4022E Divide by 8 Johnson counterU4(PG),U6(PG) TL062 Operational AmplifierU5(PG) 4016 Quad Bilateral SwitchU7(PG) LM3046 or LM3086 Transistor Array

2 rocker switches SPST5 1/4 Mono Jacks1 1/4 stereo jack1 14VAC 200mA transformer1 black box case for transformer1 3 prong grounded power cable1 3 pin DIN female1 3 pin DIN male15 Knobs for potentiometerssurface mount microphone mounting flange (Atlas AD-11B or equivalent)2 24-36“ x 3/8” stright copper tubes for Antenna1/2“ thick wood for 6”x18“x2” caseblank Copper PCBs for millingIC sockets 16 pin for U3 and U8(PG)connectors set from board to pannel and jacks on bottom(ribbon cable perhaps?)

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