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DokuWiki Crap (tips and tricks, yo)

Waaaahhhhhh I don't know how to use dokuwiki!!! Cmon, like you really understood the mediawiki markup? Grow up.

Site Specific notes

Non Breaking Spaces - We have a plugin installed that allows you to create a nbsp;. But don't use html syntax for it, dummy. Instead you need to type a backslash followed by a space, like this: “<html>&#92;</html> ”

Gallery Plugin - This is installed and available. Learn how to use it.

NSL installation specific notes

  • A captcha plugin is installed for user registration
  • Most (all?) of the pages from the old mediawiki have been automagically converted to the new dokuwiki. Editing needs to be done.
  • Most (all?) of the images from the old mediawiki have been migrated over. This needs to be manually verified for errors.
  • URL rewriting is in place for prettier URLs (yay seo!)
  • You are all jerks
  • The index of the wiki is locked down so that only administrative users can edit it
  • All of the other pages are available to edit by registered users. Contact the admin if you need help locking down specific pages.
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