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Null Space Labs exists as a result of the generous donations of resources from the members and supporters of the NSL community. If you have any of the resources listed and are able to donate, please do so! Your contributions will be most appreciated!

Current Requests

  • 55 Gal trash bags - Drum liners
  • Rackmount screws - Currently we have NO screws for any of our rackmount gear. Need a grip of screws to fix this, thread and size unknown.
  • Postit notes - To put (preferably passive agressive) reminder notes up, etc
  • Clipboards - You cant be official without a clipboard!
  • Paper - 8.5×11, US Letter, optical white.
  • Cork board - For people to put up flyers and other interesting bits of information at the space - or to sell advertising space
  • Fridge
  • 21 Small dry erase boards - One for near the fridge to list what drinks people want stocked,one for near the exit door for the list of what people should do when locking up the space.
  • Label Maker - We gotta label stuff, but can't.
  • Notepads
  • Peg boards - So we can start hanging all of our hand tools and the like in a common wall space and easily find and put things back when done with.
  • Pensb pencilsand dry erase markers

Wish List

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