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MMCA and CHRIS Present...

A CHRIS and MMCA Production...

Of a MMCA AND CHRIS Party...


That's right, the biggest and badest NYE party of the century in Los Angeles for the next year ending in a prime number after the supposed Mayan apocalypse is upon us!



Keg Status

  • Goal: $500
  • Received: $103 - Rob, Rig, NMI, Damon
  • Pledged: $70 - HB, AM

2013-12-29_19.35.27.jpg 2013-12-29_19.45.14.jpg


Facilities Maintenance

  • General NSL Cleanup (12/17): CHRIS
  • Pre-party clean / rearrange (12/29): CHRIS, HB
  • Post-party clean / rearrange: (1/1): CHRIS
  • Bouncer: Stan and his back door partner Phreck

Critical Equipment

Please be to bringing handles of teh booze. Italicized items have already been delivered.

  • Category: Nombre (item).
  • Assorted Rum:
  • Assorted Vodka:
  • Assorted Other Boozahols:
  • Assorted Mixers:
  • Assorted Beers (rAvg > 3.5 at, no fucking PBR, we're beer snobs):
  • Assorted Sodas: Rob
  • Water OMG YES WATER: Rig
  • Snacky Cakes:
  • Cakey Snacks:
  • “Crisps”: arko
  • Paper Towels:
  • Butt Paper: Rig
  • Red or Black Square Bottomed Solo Brand Cups (yes I'm totally serious):
  • Paper Plates and Plastic Flatware: AM
  • Fog Juice: bV
  • Glow Sticks:

Rig – Not gonna bake this year, but will bring cake tiers for pile o' snacky stuffs. Or y'all can laser-cut one…that might be faster, but heavier.

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