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  • Recycling - Takes the plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles and recycles them for beverage money once a month. Also generally tries to make sure people are putting stuff in the right recycling bag. First month I will be handling this duty.
  • Inventory - Works at labeling and documenting what equipment and consumables the space has and organizing things in a way that is easy for other members to get at and take advantage of. First months duty is being handled by Strom.
  • Fridge Filler - This is a weekly duty (or perhaps bi-weekly). Takes the money from the beverage fund and uses it to get more drinks for the fridge and keep it in stock. Last weeks duty was taken by Enzo. This weeks duty is up for grabs.
  • Bathroom supply - Makes sure we have enough TP and other bathroom supplies at the space once a month. First months duty is being handled by mmca
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