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The NSL Sceptre

Is basically a slight remix and cheaper version of the Elektor sceptre, it's functionally the same but we're bringing the costs down.


Install WinARM

WinARM it uses the ELF version, so the 2006 one

Programmers Notepad is also useful if you're IDE-less

programmers notepad

Grab the 'Software' link from here elektor

unzip and install it, install WinARM, add the utils\\bin and \\bin folder to your system path, open programmers notepad, open the Makefile and select Make All


Technical specifications:

  • 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S LPC2148 microcontroller, 512 KB flash, 40 KB RAM
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth (Class 1 or 2)
  • SD card reader
  • Serial port via USB (e.g. for in situ programming)
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • DS18B20 thermometer
  • Real-time clock
  • All microcontroller pins accessible
  • Battery or USB port powering
  • Li-ion battery charger
  • Compact: 6 × 8 cm
  • Open-source tools, software, and hardware
  • Open-source extended library

Normally it goes for $144 + bluetooth module.


PCB has been redesigned, submitted to BatchPCB (arrived) Built

First two have been built and tested, accelerometer works on hardware, not software side.


{| table

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resistor 33R 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 33R0805R25, R2629332006541-33ACT-ND
resistor 1k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 1K0805R1, R2, R8, R9, R10, R18, R19, R23, R3399333711
resistor 1k5 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 1K50805R1619331808
resistor 2k2 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 2K20805R4019331913
resistor 4k7 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 4K70805R5, R6, R24, R3849332154
resistor 10k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 10K0805R2719331700
resistor 47k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 47K0805R1519334599
resistor 100k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 100K0805R11, R12, R13, R14, R28, R29, R30, R31, R32, R39109331719
resistor 330k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 330K0805R3419332057
resistor 820k 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 820K0805R419332340
resistor 1M 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 1M0805R20, R21, R22, R35, R36, R3769331727
resistor 1M 5% 0.1W high voltageMulticompMCHV05WAJ0105T5E0805R1711576156
resistor 3M3 5% 0.1WMulticompMCHV05WAJ0335T5E0805R311576170
resistor 4k7 5% 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 5% 4K70805R7n/a9332154
capacitor 18p 50V 5% C0G ceramicKemetC0805C180J5GAC0805C17, C18, C28, C2941414673
capacitor 22p 50V 5% C0G ceramicKemetC0805C220J5GAC0805C19, C2021414678
capacitor 10n 500V 10% X7R ceramicKemetC1206C103KCRAC1206C1311288241
capacitor 100n 50V 10% X7R ceramicKemetC0805C104K5RAC0805C3, C5, C6, C10, C11, C12, C14, C15, C16, C21, C22, C23, C25131414664
capacitor 220n 50V 10% X7R ceramicKemetC0805C224K5RAC0805C711288261
capacitor 1u 25V 10% X7R ceramicKemetC0805C105K3RAC0805C24, C26, C2731637035
capacitor 4u7 6V3 20% tantaleAVXNOJA475M006RWJA (max 4×4 mm)C411135086
capacitor 100u 16V 20% aluminium low ESRPanasonicEEEFPC101XAPD8 (6.6×6.6 mm)C1, C221539477
to be determinedto be determinedto be determined0805C8, C9n/an/a
Inductor / Self2
inductor 22uH Idc=1.1A Rdc=0.1RWürth ElektronikWE-TPC 7440532205.8×5.8 mmL111635863
resistor 0R 0.1WMulticompMC 0.1W 0805 0R0805L219333681
diode Schottky 30V 1AON SemiconductorMBRS130LT3GSMBD1, D2, D939556931
diode zener 3V9 0.3WMulticompBZX84C39SOT23D311466599
diode LED greenOsramLGR971-Z0805D4, D5, D6, D7, D851226373
DS18B20Z 1-wire thermometerMaximDS18B20Z+SO08IC111379772
(no)MMA7260Q 3-axis accelerometerFreescale SemiconductorMMA7260QTQFN16IC211457139
LM3724-3V08 reset circuitNational SemiconductorLM3724IM5-3.08SOT23-5LIC319779078
LPC2148FBD64 ARM7 microcontrollerNXPLPC2148FBD64TSQFP50P1200X1200X160-64NIC411605539
MAX710 step up/down DC/DC converterMaximMAX710ESE+SO16IC611673213MAX710ESE+-ND
MAX1551 USB/AC adapter/Li-ion chargerMaxim MAX1551EZK+TSOT23-5LIC711628221
transistor MOSFET-P Vds=-30V, Id=1.1A, Rds=0.35R, Vgs=-1VZetexZXM61P03FSOT-23T1, T2, T3, T549525300
transistor MOSFET-N Vds=25V, Id=0.22A, Rds=5ohm, Vgs=0.85VFairchild SemiconductorFDV301NSOT-23T419845011
Crystal 12 MHz 10pF <300RAVXCX49GFNB12000H0PESZ1HC49 SMDX111368802
Crystal 32.768 kHz 13pF <100kMicro Crystal MS1V-T1K 32.768KHZ +-20PPM 12.5PFMS1V-T1K (SMD)X211539359
Bluetooth module class 1RaysonBTM-222BTM-22XY21
Bluetooth module class 2RaysonBTM-112BTM-112Y1n/a
wire bridgeS11
push button SPNOOmronB3W-1000through-hole 6×6 mmS21176986
Mini-USB type B receptacleKyocera24 5141 005 000 863+0.8\\“ SMD Mini-USB-BK311243250
header male 2 pin, 0.1\\” pitch 90 degreesMolex2205-7028through-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowK449731601
header male 2 pin, 0.1\\“ pitch verticalFisher ElektronikSL1.025.2Zthrough-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowJP1, JP2, JP349729038
header male 4 pin, 0.1\\” pitch verticalFisher ElektronikSL1.025.4Zthrough-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowK619729038
header male 9 pin, 0.1\\“ pitch verticalFisher ElektronikSL1.025.9Zthrough-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowK719729038
header male 14 pin, 0.1\\” pitch verticalFisher ElektronikSL1.025.14Zthrough-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowK8, K9, K1039729038
header male 3 pin, 0.1\\“ pitch verticalFisher ElektronikSL1.025.3Zthrough-hole 2.54 mm pitch single rowJP4, JP529729038
connector housing female 2 contactsMolex2201-2025n/an/a1
contact for KK connectorMolex0850-0032n/an/a2
SD/MMC card connector with CD & WPMulticompSDBMF-00915B0T2SDBMF-00915B0T2K11
SMA jack PCB edge mountedJohnson/Emmerson142-0701-801SMA edge connectorK5n/a
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