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** The below information is preserved for posterity and until statute of limitations runs out **

The current NSL Elevator status is: ADEQUATE

**Last time Monstro demanded a sacrifice: October 29 2013**

**Number of times Monstro has demanded a sacrifice: 5**

The building NSL is in is, shall we say, “mostly functional”. In particular, the elevator that ferries members and crap up and down is called “Monstro”. Monstro occasionally gets hungry and demands a sacrifice, meaning its possible you might get stuck in the elevator. See Elevator_Antics to get an idea of the first time this happened.

**Whatever happens, don't panic!**

Top Gear Top Tips for the NSL Elevator

  1. Try to make sure your phone is mostly charged before using the elevator in case you have to call a lab member for help.
  2. If you are a lab member that has been called by a person trapped in the elevator, try to crack open the elevator doors slightly. If you do this at the NSL or ground level there is a good chance it will trip the elevator door sensor to reset and the elevator will become unstuck
  3. If you don't know anyone at the lab to call, please logon to the #nsl channel on EFnet and let members there know you are stuck in the elevator.
  4. If you are unable to get a hold of anyone after a while, call 911

The Fallen Comrades

  • bluknight #5
  • charliex #4
  • mmca #4
  • arko #4
  • bV #3
  • faye #2
  • mmca #1
  • charliex #1
  • krs #1
  • arko #1

We will never forget

  1. got out under their own volition (with docwho76)
  2. mmca and charliex got em out
  3. rescued by 911
  4. rescued by elevator repair guy
  5. got out under own volition by prying the doors open from the inside.
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