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Thursday, September 20, 2012 7:00PM ish..  through Sunday, September 23, 2012 11:00AM (campsite checkout time)

Come up for as much or as little of the trip as you want.


Here is a Google Map I made up of Buckhorn Campground since the info is not listed in Google maps.

Here are directions for the google impaired.

Here is a cool little restaurant/bar nearby the camp.


It is at almost 6500ft elevation so it will probably be 75 during the day when it is 90 in LA. However, it will probably be quite cold at night. Prepare for cold as well as hot. Bring a jacket and a sleeping bag.


We are gonna have a pot luckish Spaghetti dinner On Saturday night. Other than that, make sure bring all of your own food/drinks snacks for yourself. There are water spigots that have potable water coming out of them at the campground. A side note: We will be in bear country. They should have bear boxes for food storage. All food and anything that has smell(sunblock, deoderant, toothpase ect..) should go into the bear box or a vehicle. The bear box is a metal box at the camp site. They usually have a spot for a padlock if you want to secure something other than food. The bears are not as aggressive as they are in Yosemite so in a car storage is probably OK. All trash (cause that smells like food too.)by the end of the night needs to go to the secure dumpsters or bear boxes or cars to keep the bears out.

**Stuff to bring**

In general bring anything you might want for the weekend. The campground has dirt, a picnic table, a fire pit, restrooms, water spigots, and some shade trees. If things you want are not on that list you had better bring it.

should haves

Sleeping bag Tent camp chair firewood (if everyone brings a pack of wood (from the grocery store) we will be styling for campfires all night long every night.) Food for yourself Drinks(all types) and snacks for yourself 1st aid kit

nice to haves

water bottle/Camelback for day hikes.extra toilet paper Sunblock Bug repelent flashlight/headlight Lantern(gas or electric) Plates/utensiles/paper towelsshade structure/EZ-upTableclothdishsoap and spongestowelstubs for dishwashing hammockSkewers

Stuff per camp site to haves

shovel for putting out fires Big pot of water/fire extinguisher cooking utensilsstove/burner


Since we will probably only get 2-3 campsites there will only be 6 cars to park for free. Therefore, if you are driving, you will likely need to buy Adventure passes for $5 a day or $35 a year to avoid a $100+ Federal Parking ticket. Get a 2nd vehcile pass for another $5. So buddy up on passes and get them for $20 a year. Overflow parking will be at the trailhead on the map. If you do not get one, you are risking a Federal parking ticket.

Info about the passes are here:

You can buy Adventure Passes online and find other locations to buy them here:

If you buy them online make sure you buy it ahead of time enough for it to be mailed to you. It does not print out.


Fire regulations have gotten a bit wonky on the campground. Fire permits are free.

You do not need a fire permit if:

     A) you run a campfire in the fire pit at your campsite.

     B) you are going to do your cooking/run the stove physically in the fire pit.

If you want to cook on a table like a normal person, you will need to fill out the form to get a fire permit. This includes propane, butane, backpacker burners, coleman stoves, smokers ect..

If you live near a national forest office you can go down and fill out the forms with the rangers. I am going to get a permit registered with Angeles National Forest just to be on the really safe side.

Having said that it is probably safest for everyone to just download the permit.

Unlike Angeles National forest, Sequoia national forest allows you to download and print. I called Sequoia national forest and they confirmed that this is good for the whole state of California. It expires at the end of this calender year.

It is probably a good idea to glance over the info on the page before you click download.

Print it. Fill it out. Sign it. Have the printed completed permit and ID with you while cooking/campfireing.

**Bringing to the potluck**  

Nz0 - a crapton of spagetti with meat sauce (and a jar of pasta sauce with no meat for charliex) Rig - (S'mores stuff, dependent on actual attendance) CHRIS - some tasty dinner rolls and wine to go with the spaghetti.some assorted randomness Feel-like-a-sir-template.jpg


**I went Camping and it was glorious.**

Nz0 CharlieX KRS MMCA Bo Datagram Special K Arclight Kim Chris (Bad2Beef) BeaMeR RachelNacho Matrix Hotel Bravo Arko Petty Larceny Allie Larceny Davo Pamber Tiffin

**I have serious commitment issues.**

Anna Skroo Vinny Rig

**I was going to go camping. I fail. I am a jackass.**

CHS (Son, I am disappoint.) Toolbox (BB) (Just fail. That is all) Docwho (Swears he never committed. Don't believe the hype.) Christine (Bah! Midterms? Study in nature! *sigh*  I guess school is important.)  

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