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dir /032 browse-able: ===== Notes
don't check in temp files ! *.?#? etc
SVN Tools
===== === Windows
=== * Tortoise SVN( )
=== Gnome/Ubuntu
=== * Rabbit VCS ( ) w/ Nautilus integration
=== Shell === This all assumes you have Subversion installed on the machine you're working on.
To check out the latest NSL codebase, try this checkout command: <code>svn co svn:

<\/code> This will “check out” all of the files you'll need. To update your working copy later, go into the directory and run this command: <code>svn update

<\/code> That will update all your file to the latest. If you've made a change you want to submit back to the core this will show you what files you've changed: <code>svn status

<\/code> And this will output a line-by-line description of all the changes in a format that makes it easy for us to incorporate: <code>svn diff

<\/code> You can output this to a file (.diff or .patch) by using redirection: <code>svn diff > my-patch.patch


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