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 +Please list current issues you are having with the NSL network. Please be specific, don't just say [[|"It's slow" ]] because tacos76 will fucking stab you in the eye and cut off yer dick. Instead say "It takes 4 hours to copy via the wired network to Datass" or something similar with numbers that can be used as a benchmark or guide. DO NOT BE A FUCKING SMART ASS. Seriously, I'm tired of the bullshit. If you got legit problems just fucking lay them out in a way that can be used to look at the NSL network and diagnose/test the problem(s). 
 +List your issues below, thanks: 
 +  - SLOW -This was shown to be an iD10t error via experimental verification on 6/15/11 by arko courtesy docwho76 
 +  - See above -You're next buddy, love docwho76. 
 +  - At last check, WPA2 is supported, but WPA is not. So my shitty laptop can't connect. -This was changed to WPA-PSK AES on 6/16/11 by docwho76 
 +  - Slow Youtube loading -Still looking into this one, there were issues with device polling being turned on in the pfsense box which makes the ALIX board go nuts and run at a load of 14. Currently there are intermittent packet loss issues on WAN1. WAN2 so far seems to not have any packet loss issues, but there might be a duplex mismatch happening between WAN2 on the pfsense box and the Catalyst 1900 switch. 
 +  - Gigabit all the things - 10/100 has a not fast.  Migrate as much internal crap as possible to gig-E; use 10/100 switch(es) for transit to WAN (which, if that ever gets more than 100Mbit connectivity, we'll figure out at the time).
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