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Please list current issues you are having with the NSL network. Please be specific, don't just say "It's slow" because tacos76 will fucking stab you in the eye and cut off yer dick. Instead say “It takes 4 hours to copy via the wired network to Datass” or something similar with numbers that can be used as a benchmark or guide. DO NOT BE A FUCKING SMART ASS. Seriously, I'm tired of the bullshit. If you got legit problems just fucking lay them out in a way that can be used to look at the NSL network and diagnose/test the problem(s).

List your issues below, thanks:

  1. SLOW -This was shown to be an iD10t error via experimental verification on 6/15/11 by arko courtesy docwho76
  2. See above -You're next buddy, love docwho76.
  3. At last check, WPA2 is supported, but WPA is not. So my shitty laptop can't connect. -This was changed to WPA-PSK AES on 6/16/11 by docwho76
  4. Slow Youtube loading -Still looking into this one, there were issues with device polling being turned on in the pfsense box which makes the ALIX board go nuts and run at a load of 14. Currently there are intermittent packet loss issues on WAN1. WAN2 so far seems to not have any packet loss issues, but there might be a duplex mismatch happening between WAN2 on the pfsense box and the Catalyst 1900 switch.
  5. Gigabit all the things - 10/100 has a not fast.  Migrate as much internal crap as possible to gig-E; use 10/100 switch(es) for transit to WAN (which, if that ever gets more than 100Mbit connectivity, we'll figure out at the time).


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