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Nearby Food

Places near the lab or within delivery distance that we've tried. Remember: if you order for delivery to NSL, please tip generously. If you use yelp, take a minute to review these places once you've tried them. Mention NSL in your review - you'll score some brownie points for the lab and help build our relationship with the places we use most.

  • McDonalds. Adjacent to Burbank Airport.
  • Del Taco. Adjacent to Burbank Airport.
  • Denny's. Adjacent to Burbank Airport.
  • Pizza Next Door - Delivery pizza, large cheese starts at ~$13. Closes at 9PM officially, but some have been able to call delivery orders in later.
  • Javier's Tacos Mexico - Good quality Mexican food; open 24 hours, and a short walk up Broadway.
  • Wurstküche - Dine-in exotic sausages and beers. The line can be long, especially during evenings and weekends, and the place is overrun with hipsters, but you can order beer as soon as you set your foot in the door.
  • LA Bite - LA Bite delivers from a lot of different places.
  • Soi.7 - Good tasting Thai food. Open till 10:00PM, and 10:30PM on Fridays. Delivers.
  • Umamicatessen - 852 S. Broadway Open till 11PM Sun-Thurs till 12AM Fri and Sat Dine in or to go. Like Unami Burger also has awesome pork to slice up for you. They have decent beer too.
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