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 +===== Origin =====
 +The Malibu Barbie was invented by a group of theater geeks who, having no other access to women, tried to recreate one in a lab, and instead only succeeded in creating a delightfully refreshing juiceball that is attractive to women. Potato, potato.
 +===== Preparation =====
 +The Malibu Barbie is, as the title suggests, pink.
 +In a tall tumbler glass full of ice:
 +  * 1 fl-oz coconut-flavored rum liqueur (Malibu or equivalent)
 +  * 1 fl-oz vodka
 +  * 3.5 fl-oz pink grapefruit juice
 +  * 0.5 fl-oz tonic water
 +Garnish with grapefruit slice.
 +Girls will think you're creative and sensitive.
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