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 +====  Making Laser-cut Solder Paste Stencils Using Eagle CAD   ====
 + 1. Open your .BRD file in Eagle CAD  2. Go to "​View-&​gt;​Display/​Hide Layers"​ and unselect everything except "​tCream"​. ​ 3. Go to "​Tools-&​gt;​DRC"​ Click over to the "​MASKS"​ tab.  4. Set "​Min"​ and "​Max"​ to 10mil. Click "​Apply"​. This reduces the size of the holes that will be cut.  ​
 +[[Image:​Eagle menu tcream.png|462x286px|Eagle menu tcream.png]] ​
 +5. Select "​File-&​gt;​Run"​ and select "​DXF.ULP"​ Make sure to select "​mm"​ for dimension and "​Always Vector Font." Uncheck any other options. ​ [[Image:​Eagle dxf export.png|404x310px|Eagle dxf export.png]] ​
 +6. Enter a file name and save the .DXF file to the "​Laser"​ folder on Boobies. ​
 + 7. Open the .DXF file in Corel Draw. Select "​mm"​ when importing. ​
 + 8. Resave the file. If you do not open/​resave,​ the laser software will freak out when you try to open the .DXF. 
 + 9. Open the LASER 5.5 software. Select "​Import"​ and select the file. 
 + 10. Set "Laser Power" to 10%. Set Speed to "​300"​. ​
 + 11. Tape a sheet 2mil Mylar film to a piece of cardboard or MDF. This keeps it flat and also makes the cut pieces come off after cutting. 12. Rotate and/or clone the image to fit multiple stencils on one 8.5x11"​ sheet if needed. ​
 +13. Select "​Download"​ and then '​Download Current." ​
 +14. Hit &​lt;​ESC&​gt;​ on the machine.&​nbsp; ​
 +15. Hit &​lt;​Test&​gt;​ on the machine to verify that the cut will fit on the sheet. Press &​lt;​ESC&​gt;​ and jog the laser using the arrows if needed. ​
 +16. Make sure the blower (on power strip) and chiller are turned ON. 
 +17. Press &​lt;​Start&​gt;​ on the laser to begin cutting.
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