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Juki 360 Pick and Place

mmca and gleep fixed most of the issues, we're in need of some stoppers and what not, maybe some cleaning.

i've documented all this on the blog


 Bought one of these [[|SD Card floppy emulator]] Should work, yeah we changed direction here
 New reed switch is on its way. (arrived and fitted)


<nowiki>//</nowiki> Todo list :-
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add items to todo list
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   remove all the utf8 buffers, choose CString or std::string ?
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   fully implement new feeder classes
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   update component classes to make it simpler
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   too much relies on the index in the CListCtrl's
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   make busy status reflect in GUI
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add a status print somewhere in the GUI
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   more error checking
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   figure out the problem with CheckX / CheckAck and see if it can be handled better (added longer delay on timeout)
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add last feeder XY to Grbl and add new GCODE parameter to set feeder (partially added, sets feeder )
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   more help documentation
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   document GCODE
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add 'Append' option to feeder load/import
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   plain text for all load/save files ? XML i guess since everyones going with that.
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   finish adding machine plot area to GUI (simulate)
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   double check rotation
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add picker for serial port, add registry key, add more error checking for serial port
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   more camera controls, fine tune the slow/fast modes
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   tidy up headers
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   add localisation to strings?
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   reflect limit switches in GUI
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   handle flipped pcbs!! (Most important) (done)

<nowiki>//</nowiki> Recently added :-
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   Added multiple PCB offsets  (not tested!)

<nowiki>//</nowiki> Todo list :-
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   Add vacuum tests for before/after pickup (done)
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   Add last feeder setting (done)
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   tidy up

<nowiki>//</nowiki> Recently added :-
<nowiki>//</nowiki>   More checks on head down, and moving


 {{:cpm system disk.doc}}
 {{:cpm system disk d88.img.doc}}

=====  Links  =====

 [[ ]] CPM tools


Computer is a 4Mhz Z80 based PC 8801 with 40 track dual floppys.

Pulled off the header, so floppy is 40 track, double sided.

\t\theader\t{headersignature=0x00f974c4 "hxcpicfe" formatrevision=0 number_of_track='(' ...}\tHXC_fileformatheader_
\t\tHEADERSIGNATURE\t0x00f974c4 "HXCPICFE"\tunsigned char [[8]]
\t\tformatrevision\t0\tunsigned char
\t\tnumber_of_track\t40 '('\tunsigned char
\t\tnumber_of_side\t2 '�'\tunsigned char
\t\ttrack_encoding\t0\tunsigned char
\t\tbitRate\t250\tunsigned short
\t\tfloppyRPM\t0\tunsigned short
\t\tfloppyinterfacemode\t7 '�'\tunsigned char (7 is shugart)
\t\tdnu\t1 '�'\tunsigned char
\t\ttrack_list_offset\t1\tunsigned short
\t\twrite_allowed\t255 'ÿ'\tunsigned char

Contents of disk

 8/25/2011  21:46             768
 8/25/2011  21:46           1,024
 8/25/2011  21:46           6,656
 8/25/2011  21:46           1,152
 8/25/2011  21:46           7,424
 8/25/2011  21:46           4,736
 8/25/2011  21:46           8,320
 8/25/2011  21:46          17,536
 8/25/2011  21:46          36,352
 8/25/2011  21:46          32,384
 8/25/2011  21:46          36,096
 8/25/2011  21:46          12,672
 8/25/2011  21:46          30,464
 8/25/2011  21:46           4,864
 8/25/2011  21:46          12,544
 8/25/2011  21:46           1,792  pk1sub99.crl
 8/25/2011  21:46             128  start.sub
 8/25/2011  21:46             128  std.bas
 8/25/2011  21:46           1,920  std.cem
 8/25/2011  21:46             512  std.par
 8/25/2011  21:46           1,280
 8/25/2011  21:46          16,000  work.wor


CP/M files are offset 0x100 , use Zilog Z80

Tool one (A) distance from table 2.55600 in = 64.9224 millimeters

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