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7zipped version of the original Visio diagram used to create this layout is here nullspace_labs_network.7z

This means now any NSL member with wiki access and Visio can update this, not just doc! (yay, sanity)

Due to the great bandwidth crisis of 2011 extreme measures were taken (short of spending a stupid amount of money to get fiber run to the building). It was determined that one of our keyholders lived close enough to NSL with a direct line of sight that a point-to-point 5GHz wifi link could be reasonably attempted. Using this link, NSL could then backhaul a high speed cablemodem connection to its building where there is currently no cable options. This was determined to be the cheapest way to get NSL greater than DSL network speeds, and amazingly enough a more reliable connection (one of our DSL lines was extremely degraded). Below is a diagram of the point to point network setup for the link.


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