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Project page for the interactive target shooting system OpenRange

Interactive Target Shooting System

The goal of this project is to come up with an inexpensive system that allows visual and/or audio feedback of shots on a target. The system will be useful for defensive handgun courses or shooting matches, or just a fun day at the range. Petty Fuckin' Larceny is working on a stand for the target.



The system will consist of a Laptop Computer running some type of control software, some communications infrastructure (wired or wireless), a communications protocol which will allow targets to communicate between themselves, and the computer, and a target control module (TCM).


The target itself will consist of: a stand that has the ability to raise and lower the target using either electric motors, hydraulics, or pneumatics. The sensor package which will attach directly to the target, which may be an audio pickup, an accelerometer, or an as yet unknown device (several have been suggested), and the control module, which will control the motion of the target, keep track of the number of times it has been hit, and the period for which the target presents itself.

At the end of each stage, the TCM will communicate back to the SCP (Scenerio Control Program, running on the laptop) giving a score for the shooter.

These are the targets that we should probably use:

"F"-Type self-healing targets "E"-Type self-healing targets

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