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NSL Halloween Party

What: Halloween Party

When: Saturday, October 27th, 2012 @ 8pm

Where: Null Space Labs

Cleaning and Set up: This will take place throughout the week of the 22nd-26th. Feel free to show up one day during the week and help clean up and throw stuff out. Major clean up day will be Friday the 26th so we could use the most help on that day. We'll be moving around furniture and making sure anything that hasn't been cleaned gets cleaned. Desks will be cleared and put away. They won't be left out and covered the same way we did for Null Years. We'll need help cleaning up after the party as well so please sign up for one or the other.

Before party clean up:KRS CHRIS Anna Rig

After party clean up: CHRIS (not Sunday though) ROB sinoným (can bring vacuum cleaner)


We need people to sign up to bring food and drinks otherwise it would be a pretty lame party. Sign up below with what you plan on bringing. Feel free to bring plates, silverware and cups as well (SOLO brand cups only!).

KRS- some type of baked goods

ROB - Root Beer party keg, some kind of snack food.


jaml - snacks, small amount of plasticware

Anna - seven layer nacho dip deliciousness

Rig- something baked or otherwise terrible for you

Costume Conests:

There will be costume contests so make sure to dress up! If anyone can contribute to the prizes that would be great. Here are the catagories:

-Most Offensive Slutty Costume (ex: Slutty Plantation Slave, Slutty Abortion Doctor)

-Most Philosophically Scary Costume

-Most 1337

If anyone has anything else they want to contribute just list it below.

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