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<blockquote>On November 9th-11th we (Arko and Funsized ) will be trying out an experiment at NSL. We are building a vision guided robot using a panda board and a kinect (OpenCV and Point Cloud Library). The purpose of the experiment is to see how much a group of dedicated individuals could accomplish in one weekend. </blockquote>


Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon will be devoted to a build session. Friday night will be the planning session combined with some basic test bench setup. Saturday will be the main build session, and Sunday will be devoted to final debugging and wrap up. We are looking for people who want to help with hardware (building the frame, wiring soldering, etc.), and software (setting up the environment on the panda board, working with algorithms for the vision processing, etc.). Some technical experience would be nice, but we will also need people to help with simple tasks (assembly, drilling, etc.) as well, so feel free to come check out what we are doing. If you want to help, hop into #visionbot on freenode or just show up to the meeting on Friday. It will be at 7pm@NSL. If you have hardware that would be helpful to building a medium size all terrain robot frame, and you would like to donate it, please contact Arko or Funsized .

Design Guidelines


  • Build a vision guided robot.
  • Robot capable of all terain.


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! scope=“col” | Hardware ! scope=“col” | Peripherals ! scope=“col” | Software

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* Kinect

  • Sensors?

* Arduino


Groups/People Needed

  • Leadership
  • Planning/Design
    • Everyone!
  • CAD Design

From CAD to functional robot in 14 hours!

  • Fabrication (Lasercut/CNC)
  • Chassis Assembly
  • Wire Harness/Board Mounting
  • Software
  • Documentation/Pictures/Videos/Writeup
  • Gophers? (People with cars to make hardware store run)
  • Setup/Teardown/Cleaning (Setup tables at space and teardown after completion)
  • Boobies/Beer (This is important)

Materials Needed

type ====== |text = This is only meant to be a rough list. Not all users are experienced in robot building and there may be some hidden pitfalls. This is putting the cart directly before the horse in that not all materials are needed or will be used. If we've aquired the material or it is not needed please use the strike tag.

  • 3/8“ MDF
    • Broken down into lasercutter work envelope size.
    • This is for main Chassis. Smaller materials may bend.
  • 1/4” Clear Acrylic.
    • Seriously, who doesn't like acrylic covers?!
  • M3 Sock cap bolts/nuts.
  • M4 Sock cap bolts/nuts.
  • 12V Battery
    • Design session needs to decide on battery type.
    • Lipo/Lead Acid
  • Gearboxes?
    • Will this robot have wheels(As opposed to treads)? If so, gearboxes are likely needed.
    • Large enough to drive bot weight/wheel size.
    • Appropriate for the voltages supplied by the drivers.
  • Wheels?
    • Size/Type
  • Wire harness materials:
    • Small zip ties
    • Adhesive 3M pyramid thingys for zipties.
  • Servos?
    • Will Sonar be used? Does the sonar need to rotate?
  • Sensors?
    • Type/Purpose?

Tools Needed

  • 3D Printer?? (Maybe useful for brackets and the like?)


This section may or may not be valid. It is only an effort to track cost of the bot.

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! scope=“col” | Item ! scope=“col” | Quantity ! scope=“col” | Price

! scope=“row” | Kinect

! scope=“row” colspan=“2” | Total

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