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A couple of us felt HABEX was lonely and decided to take HABEX out on a night on the town. The following events ensued. habexelevator.jpg HABEX eager to begin the journey.

habexstrip.jpg First Stop STRIP CLUB. HABEX needs some lovin.

habexsci.jpg HABEX decided to hear the words of the great L.Ron Hubbard. All hail to xenu.

habexpeta.jpg HABEX made a stop at PETA to help the poor animals. You murderous bastards!

habexgay.jpg Next was a stop to a gay sex shop. HABEX likes the cock and felt Arko was not enough for him.

habexjail.jpg HABEX had a run in with the law so we decided to bust him out.

habexrr.jpg With our journey at an end I decided to give HABEX what he needed to begin with. Some lovin.

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