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"So you want to own a gun" or "You want to know more about guns"


Currently postponed. TBA.


This can be a very intimidating subject for someone who has never handled a firearm, or only knows about them from movies or news reports, but it will be a very open and friendly class. I've talked to many people in the past that have displayed an interest in going shooting or even buying a gun, but they have no idea where to start. This class will address those people.

While this class is mostly aimed at complete beginners, we'll also be covering a large array of the State and Federal laws surrounding owning, purchasing, and using firearms. This portion of the class may enlighten even hardcore gunnies.

Basic outline (WILL CHANGE)

  • Firearms: How do they work?
  • :Components of Ammo
  • :Firing pin hits, does what?
  • Basic types of firearms
  • :Rifles
  • :Shotguns
  • :Handguns
    • Other Firearms
  • Firearms safety
  • :Basic handling rules
  • :What if I find a firearm? (Eddie Eagle, vs know-how)
  • How to buy a firearm
  • :Federal vs. State
  • :4473
  • :DROS
  • :HSC
  • Basic firearms law
  • :Transport
  • :Shooting in SelfDef.
  • :AW's
  • :“Not Unsafe” list
  • :Title 2/NFA
    • Status of the 2A
    • :Heller
    • :McDonald
    • :Current 2A Cases
  • :X/year die vs suicide
  • :More gun laws, less crime? Less gun laws, more crime?
  • ::NYC vs. Chicago
  • :“Sporting” purposes vs. 2A
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