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Installed and Upgraded!

new estop switch installed
main power key switch installed
Ruida Controller/control panel installed
Lightburn software installed
red dot pointer w/bracket installed
z autofocus sensor w/bracket installed
Acquired but not yet installed
RECI W2 Laser Tube new tube is at the space - will install when the old tube fails
upgrades/nice to haves Cost
USB camera for lightburn $80
quiet duct fan $120
10600nm protective glasses $36 each pair (the current ones are not for a co2 laser)
Rotary tool (y axis replacement) $310 (So we can etch round things like glasses and tubes)
ameter power usage meter ?
laser on timer ?
Mahoney CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe $105 (to measure how much power is actually coming out of our tube)
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