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Davo is a person… for the most part.


Project's I've been involved with:<br/>


Mac.png Haha.png Hatesjimmy.png

Bsod0.png Buddy1.png Anticipator0.png Commie0.png Trollfeeder0.png


<IMG SRC=“ a working NULLBGone&c=u&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ I&b=Built a working Cylon I&c=u&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ II&b=Built a working Cylon II&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working Meeblip&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working Proxmark&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working AnnaLogic&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working NSLKraken&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working X0XB0X&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ Adapter&b=Built a working MIDI Adapter&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working GoodFET&c=u&e=1309&f=2&short”> <IMG SRC=“ a working Sceptre&c=l&e=1309&f=2&short”>


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