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 Usage instructions:
 1. REMOVE THE TAG line above this box
 2. Fill in the template.  For help, see [[Template:Extension]]
 3. Remove this comment when you no longer need it.


templatemode ====== |name = MW Calendar |status = beta |type1 = tag |type2 ====== |hook1 = <!-- default/custom hooks used, see [[Template:Extension]] for details --> |hook2 ====== |username ====== |author = [[User:Kenyu73]] |description = Database driven calendar |image = Mwcalendar_ss1.PNG |imagesize = 150px |version = v0.3.3 (March, 2010) |update ====== |mediawiki = 1.14 |php = 5.0 |license = GPL |download = [[|download]] |readme ====== |changelog ====== |parameters = <!-- configuration parameters, for use in LocalSettings.php --> |tags ====== |rights = <!-- user rights, for use with $wgGroupPermissions --> |example = <mwcalendar name="Events" /> |compatibility ======

What can this extension do?

This is a re-work of my Calendar (Kenyu73) extension. This uses direct database calls and not wiki pages for events.

<font color=red>This is beta and for testing only. I will not maintain back-wards capability until this extension leaves beta.</font>

Key Features

  • Uses HTML forms
  • dedicated calendar database tables
  • Email notifications with mw-user select listing
  • Speed
  • less complicated parameters (like original calendar)
  • javascript controls
  • internationalization (i18n) - “en, fr, es, de” included, but others can be added by admin
  • time selection
  • batch mode (add multiple event via custom delimiter… tab or special characters
  • Optional WYSIWYG Editor (TinyMCE) (read how-to below)
  • Does not add pages to special recentchanges page for each appointment

Missing Features, but planned

  • recurrences
  • iCalendar (either import or file referencing)
  • colors/formatting
  • wiki format parsing
  • options form


Calendar Installation

  • Download the extension and unzip it to the /extension directory
  • Add this line to your LocalSettings.php configuration file
    • require_once( “$IP/extensions/mwcalendar/mwCalendar.php” );
  • Database tables are automatically created as long as $wgDBuser has table create/modify privileges!

TinyMCE Setup (WYSIWYG Editor) -Optional

  1. Download TinyMCE either from their homepage or from my site here
  2. Extract to the extensions directory
  3. verify path structure (case sensitive!) - (../extensions/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js)

That's it! The calendar auto checks for this installation path. You can disable the RTE by the following:

<calendar name=“test” disablerte />


 <nowiki><mwcalendar name="Events" /></nowiki>
 <nowiki><mwcalendar name="Events" eventlist="30" /></nowiki>


These are currently setup in mwCalendar.php

define( 'mwcalendar_email_ical_mode', 1 ); // 0=off, 1=attachment, 2=embedded, 3=html email only

define( 'mwcalendar_email_allday_format',1 ); // 1=20101215-20101216 (Outlook?), 2=20101215T000000-20101215T325959

define( 'mwc_week_start_monday', true); // true=week starts on Monday; false=week starts on Sunaday

Tag Parameters

groups=“<mw group1, mw group2, etc>” : add this group to notify/email list

key=“<unique key>” : used for mulitple calendars per page (with same name?)

name=“<calendar name>” :calendar name

Examples of MW Calendar in Use


Full Calendar


Add Events

Other Extensions

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