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 +The set i use is (from precise bits)
 +  * v90,v60,v45 isolation trace bits http:<nowiki>//</nowiki>
 +  * 0.008 0.015, 0.0313, 0.0625 and 0.125 stub ends (end mills) http:<nowiki>//</nowiki>
 +  * 0.80 mm (note metric, all others are inches) router, which is the smallest they have at precisebits http:<nowiki>//</nowiki>
 +You can do just about any board with that set just about (outside of drill bits), which you'd want in a range. Typical sizes are 0.016 0.032, 0.036, 0.040, 0.125, you'll usually never have the right one you need, so design the board so you do or get lots. http:<nowiki>//</nowiki>
 +I use the depth rings, but not the bushing, the ZrN coating says it lasts longer, but i have no data.
 +The bits don't last as long as you might think, so best to double up on everything, they're expensive too..
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