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-We're here almost every night of the week. Check the [[events]] page for a list of events+===== Open Meeting Night ====== 
 +We are open to the public for Meeting and Game night every Tuesday\\ 
-=====  `Live` cam   =====+Please check the [[|meetup event calendar]] for more scheduled activities.\\ 
-If the sign says "Closed" we're not in, if it says "Open" we are in. (Unless someone forgets to flip the sign.)+You can also contact a member or keyholder on IRC [[irc://|EFnet/#nsl]] or call the space by phone: (234) 312-4521 (this rings to the space and we even check the voicemail!)
-{{}}+===== Automatic Twitter Button   ===== 
 +Electronics lost in the last move so this is not auto updating for now!
 [[]] [[]]
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