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 +=====  Null Space Labs MicroController Interfacing  =====
 +This is going to be an online/space class for learning how to connect a microcontroller to the outside world. We'll work through the basics, and hopefully more advanced circuits. 
 +//Given the nature of the wiki, it'll be online before its finished. Some of these are test pages while we work out the bugs, if you find a problem either fix it or report it....//
 +  *  Chapters
 + [[Introduction]]
 + [[The LED]] - Switching an LED off and on with a microcontroller
 + [[Switches]] - Getting input from a switch to a microcontroller
 + [[Speakers]]
 + [[Motors]]
 + [[Displays]]
 + [[Transistor]] - Using a transistor to switch a higher voltage
 + [[charlieplexing]]</code>
 +[[How to add a circuit]]
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