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 +=====  Interfacing an LED  =====
 +The simplest circuit. IO, resistor, LED and ground.<​BR>​
 +<​java_applet ​
 + ​code=Circuit
 + ​height="​156"​ width="​500" ​
 + ​archive="​Circuit.jar" ​
 + ​p1name="​pause"​ p1value=20 ​
 + ​p2name="​startCircuit"​ p2value="​led.txt" ​
 + ​p3name="​startLabel" ​ p3value="​Simple LED circuit" ​
 + ​p4name="​useFrame"​ p4value="​false"</​code>​
 +Press the H with your left mouse button to toggle the High / Low output of the micro controller.
 +With the above we see the electronics/​hardware side of the project. Now we will look at the software side.
 +The H/L part above that switches the LED on and off is connected to a specific pin on the uC, this pin is then mapped to either a memory location or a port. Changing the state of that location or port will change the state of the LED.
 +Some uC's ( like the avr/​arduinos) have tristate or bidirectional inputs, this is covered here [[UC_IO_Types]]. With these processors we tell the ports what they are, either input, output or do nothing(the third state).
 +//Back to Index// [[UcInterfacingClass]]
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