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-Steve'​s Going Away Party +====== ​Steve'​s Going Away Party ======
-Date: September 22, 2013 +
-Time: After 6pm+
 +Steve is heading out of California for an extended time and he'd love you to come celebrate his going away in the most somber fashion he can think... By throwing an all out going away bash featuring food, music, and booze!
 +Head to NSL after 1800hrs (6PM) for fun and happenings. You can bring friends as long as they are well behaved and good nature in humor. You can bring stuff to help Steve along his journey as well! He's heading to Canada, so anything to make his trip and time there better helps! ​
 +So, why is he heading off to the great white north? Because, if you have been keeping up with him on FB or in person, he's got heart problems! And he has to get his heart worked on and the American health system is too expensive, so he's letting his Canadian NHS help pick up the tab. He'll be getting his surgery at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon on Oct 14, so let's have some fun!
 +So, in summation:
 +Bring the Funk. Bring the Fun. Bring the Party. Let's have a blow out!
 +(Food and drinks are provided free by Steve, so no worries! We'll be having BBQ! So any restrictions,​ post here and I can work around it!)
 + * Date: Sunday, September 22, 2013
 + * Time: 6:00pm
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