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 +  *  **Recycling** - Takes the plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles and recycles them for beverage money once a month. Also generally tries to make sure people are putting stuff in the right recycling bag. 
 +  *  **Inventory** - Works at labeling and documenting what equipment and consumables the space has and organizing things in a way that is easy for other members to get at and take advantage of. 
 +  *  **Fridge** - This is a weekly duty (or perhaps bi-weekly). Takes the money from the beverage fund and uses it to get more drinks for the fridge and keep it in stock. ​ Please get diet, normal, caffeinated and non-caffeinated.
 +  *  **Bathroom** - Makes sure the bathroom is clean, and make a list of things need for the bathroom (TP, soap etc...)
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