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 +A Plasma speaker is a form of loudspeaker where the intensity of a plasma is varied to create compression waves in air (sound), rather than using a magnetic field to push or pull a conventional driver. This is far cooler and more dangerous than a normal speaker and thus is perfect hackerspace material.
 +===== Projects =====
 +[[NSL]] currently has two plasma speaker projects, so they have been separated into two pages:
 +  *  [[Flyback_plasma_speaker]] - A Plasma Speaker using a flyback transformer from a CRT display
 +  *  [[4Mhz_plasma_speaker]]
 +===== Warnings =====
 +**Health Hazard**
 +Plasma speakers are very dangerous as they deal with high voltages in open air... Be VERY CAREFUL while building one or while near one. You can get burnt or even killed (especially if you have a pacemaker or similar apparatus)
 +**Electronics Hazard**
 +The high voltages and arcs can be hazardous to nearby expensive electronics. Please use logic/your brain while near one.
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