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 +  *  BOM, Needs a digikey login, https:<nowiki>//</nowiki> ( I have not double checked this or built a board with this list yet, so check it against the GoodFET link ) [[]] Apparently digikey doesn't allow anyone else to see public BOM's. So copy the below into digikeys manager. I'll make an NSL account on digikey and update the links.
 +  *  Free samples of the microcontroller are available from TI directly:
 +  *  Click on Get free Samples, make sure you select the MSP430F2274IRHAT package.  The MSP430F2274TRHAT package may also work (it appears to be the same MCU with a higher temperature limit).  You can order two each.
 +  *  They ship for free... nice.
 +Copy this into the BOM manager if you can't find the above BOM. It's a CSV
 +Digi-Key Part Number,Manufacturer,Manufacturer Part Number,Customer Reference,Quantity 1,Quantity 2,Quantity 3,Description,Comments
 +768-1008-1-ND,FTDI (VA),FT232RQ R,,1,0,0,IC USB TO SERIAL UART 32-QFN,
 +296-21459-1-ND,TEXAS INSTRUMENTS (VA),MSP430F2274IRHAT,,1,0,0,IC MCU 16BIT 32K FLASH 40-QFN,Alternate Packaging Exists
 +478-1244-1-ND,AVX CORPORATION (VA),06033D104KAT2A,,10,0,0,CAP CERM .1UF 10% 25V X5R 0603,Alternate Packaging Exists
 +P330GCT-ND,PANASONIC - ECG (VA),ERJ-3GEYJ331V,,10,0,0,RES 330 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD,Alternate Packaging Exists
 +P14158CT-ND,PANASONIC - SSG (VA),LNJ236W82RA,,3,0,0,LED RED HIGH BRIGHT ESS SMD,Alternate Packaging Exists
 +=====  Build  =====
 +You can solder a 2x6 or 2x7 header to the end of the GoodFET31L.  If you're connecting to a 14-pin JTAG, using the 2x7 header means you won't have to run your own Vcc separately, but you will have to add a wire to carry Vcc to pin 14.  I haven't confirmed this, but I believe [[|this site]] describes the difference between 12-pin and 14-pin JTAG.
 +There will be 30 kits (and less MSP430s) available on Sep. 17, 2010.
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