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 +A montage of Null Space Labs' attempts at ghetto engineering and hillbilly asshattery. 
 +<gallery widths="150px" heights="150px" perrow="4">
 +File:20100921 projector.jpg|LCD Projector ceiling mount with zip ties and scrap wood 
 +File:20100821_nsl_11.jpg|Box fans duct taped to windows for Club Mate Tasting Party - 08/21/2010
 +File:corkscrew.jpg|Improvised corkscrew - 07/10/2010
 +File:025.jpg|FDC LCD with enclosure ZIP-TIED AND DUCT TAPED TO PILLAR! - 06/25/2010
 +File:Usb-usb.jpg|Female-female USB adapter - 09/21/2011
 +File:Toilet_fixtastic.jpg|Broken Toilet Handle?  Nothing a little wire cant fix. - 4/17/2012
 +File:Toilet_fixtastic3.0.jpg|Toilet Handle still broken?  More fixes. - 5/1/2012[[Toilet Fixtastic]]
 +[[|edit my essay]]
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