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 +This is a placeholder page for Blackberry Playbook h4x.&​nbsp;​ Here's what we know so far:
 +  * skroo has a 16GB Blackberry Playbook. ​ The warranty has been both violated and voided.
 +  * The device is largely-useless because it runs Blackberry Playbook OS.  Shame, because the hardware (while nothing to necessarily write home about) is relatively decent.
 +  * Yes, it can run Android apps under the Playbook OS.  That's not the point. ​ The idea is to eventually get it to run Android natively.
 +  * There'​s something really tiny and really interesting-looking on the mainboard near one of the battery connectors.
 +Right now it's in pieces (but still working) and a couple of interesting things have been documented. ​ Awaiting arrival of suitable components for additional investigation.
 +=====  Notes   =====
 +2mm is an interesting width.
 +Also, I&​nbsp;​got bored with it, put it back together, and took it home.&​nbsp;​ Might screw around with it at some point, but $99 Android tablets let me be lazy.
 +=====  External Links  =====
 +  * [[http://​​playbook-tablet/?​lid=us:​bb:​Devices:​Tablets:​BlackberryPlaybook&​lpos=us:​bb:​Devices|Blackberry Playbook]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Dingleberry root (obsolete depending on firmware revision; posted for posterity)]]
 +  * [[http://​​Teardown/​BlackBerry-PlayBook-Teardown/​5265/​1|Playbook teardown on (awesome images)]]
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