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 +Done so far: 
 +  * Migrated to dedicated PC with clean OS install.  BV's laptop is now deprecated (read: full of goatse). 
 +  * Updated MAME binaries and support files to current (0.147); they're on boobies. 
 +  * Got joystick working; props to Datagram for figuring out the last annoying part of that.
 +To do: 
 +  * Obtain complete set of CHDs.  Right now they only include the laserdisc games. 
 +  * Get PC hardware into cabinet. 
 +  * Centralise power so that there's only one cable running out of the back (aka Operation: Powerstrip). 
 +  * Wifi, yo. 
 +  * Frontend.  Probably going to use Maximus Arcade since it supports over 9000 emulators. 
 +  * Build out control panel. 
 +  * Build out marquee. 
 +  * Add coin mech with bill acceptor.  Donations rock. 
 +  * BLINKY ALL THE THINGS.  Buttons, cabinet, trackball, everything.  LEDs and EL wire afuckinghoy.
 +OMG JAMMA HARNESS, hughalugha etc.
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