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 +=====  How to add a wiki page with a falstad java circuit simulator embedded.  =====
 +  * Steps  
 + Load up the java circuit simulator
 + create a circuit
 + make sure the simulator speed , reset and started etc all are set correctly.
 + use export from the simulator file menu
 + copy and paste to a file
 + save the file as Circuits_$yourname.txt, upload it to the wiki</code>
 +Create a wiki page.
 +Add the following code, change the name, descriptive text, and width and height to suit.
 + code=Circuit
 + height="350" width="500" 
 + archive="Circuit.jar" 
 + p1name="pause" p1value=20 
 + p2name="startCircuit" p2value="$yourname.txtt" 
 + p3name="startLabel"  p3value="descriptive text" 
 + p4name="useFrame" p4value="false"</code>
 +Known Bugs:
 + If you want to add two circuits to one page,  use Circuit.jar for the first, and Circuit1.jar for the second. More than two isn't supported currently, plus we don't want to bog down firefox more than it already does itself.</code>
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