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 +Been talking about a 5 axis CNC machine for quite some time now.  ​
 +Since no one is going to be donating one anytime soon... we are going to build one.
 +We were considering using iron castings. ​ But really don't want to wait the 4 to 6 months for the casting to be stress relieved. ​ So we are mostly going to base it on H beams (roughly 9in tall by 10 inchs wide).
 +Once surface ground they will have a nice locations for linear rails as the flanges are just over an inch thick.
 +We already have 5 sets of brand new THK rails... each has 6 sets of SHS15R3 and two 600mm rails.
 +Unfortunately the H beams alone won't dampen the vibrations of the machine enough.
 +So we will fill the H beams with epoxy granite, a blend of epoxy, sand, filler and other aggregate.
 +http:<​nowiki>//</​nowiki>​​wiki/​Epoxy_granite ​
 +E/G has about 10 times the damping of cast iron and is widely used in making precision machine bases.
 +For the A and B axis, we will probably use something like:
 +For the price its very accurate. ​ Maybe some day we can upgrade to something like this:
 +At roughly 4k a pop.
 +Motor for rotary: PK569PMA-R28
 +So with all that attached to the head and the spindle we will need some way to counterbalance the weight.
 +So we will use something like:
 +Pneumatic tension springs.
 +We still need to pick a spindle, one with auto tool change ability.
 +And all sorts of other little bits.... should be fun.
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