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  • Soldering Equipment
 Metcal PS200 x 1 (who knows)
 Metcal PS2E-01 x 4  Solder Stations. Don't use metal iron holders that aren't metcal units. 
 Metcal MX-500P x 20. To attach a wand unscrew the connector part, then pull out. Don't use metal iron holders that aren't metcal ( we have more of these now)
 Metcal DS1 Desoldering gun x 2 (one on loan) [[|Manual]] Set to no more than 80PSI and make sure the filters are installed.
 Hakko 808 desoldering gun. [[|Product Page]]
 MadellTech Quik853 PCB preheater x 2 [[|Product Page]]
 MadellTech QK870 hot plate [[|Manual]] [[Hack It]] I've just recalibrated this, so use lower temperatures than typical,  try 190C as the max.
 Zephyrtronics ZT3 vacuum pencil (1) [[|Product Page]]
 Zephyrtronics board cradle (1) [[|Product Page]]
 Zephyrtronics ZT5100 solder paste dispenser (1) [[|Product Page]]
 Edsyn 1036DX hot air soldering station (1)[[|Product Page]]
 Edsyn 951SX temp controlled soldering station [[|Product Page]]
 Metcal/Techcon TS 9702 [[]]
 T-862++ BGA Rework Station Digital Infrared System IR [[|Product Page]]
  • Test Equipment
 Protek B940 True RMS multimeter [[|Product Page]]
 Tektronix TDS 2024B 200Mhz four channel digital storage scope [[|Manual]](1)
 Tenma dual channel crt scope
 Velleman hand held scope
 HP 100Mhz State, 500Mhz timing logic analyser 16550A [[|Manual]]
 Innotronix Logic Analyser(1)
 Bus Pirate x 2 [[|Product Page]] 
 Sump Logic Analyser, Dangerous Prototypes version
 BK 4Mhz Sweep Function Generator [[|Product Page]]
 Tenma counter
 HP 3478A Multimeter - Calibrated 11/20/2010
 HP 4274A Multi-Freq LCR Meter
  • Programming tools
 AVR STK600 [[|Product Page]](1)
 Pickit II [[|Product Page]]
 Tincan tools ARM JTAG Flyswatter [[|Product Page]]
 Olimex ARM JTAG
 Dataman Eprom programmer [[|Product Page]](1)
 AVR Dragon x2
 TI CC's
 Segger ARM uLink
 Kraken AVR programmer
  • Other
 [[Juki 360 Pick and Place]]
 90W WKLaser Laser Cutter  (600x900mm cutting area) [[Laser]]
 Scotch Laminator and pouches
 AccurateCNC 560H [[|Product Page]] ['s%20Manual%20EN.pdf PhCNC Manual] [[|Bits]] [[Which bits]](1)
 [[UV PCB etching kit]]
 Parks microscope
 Amscope microscope x 12
 Silentaire supersilent 20A compressor (1) [[|Manual]]
 Parrot AR Drone [[]]
 Benq W1000 1920x1080 Native projector
 HP 4050n
 Brother Inkjet MFC-440
 Graphtec CE3000-60 MK2 [[Vinyl Cutter]]/Plotter
 ZCorp 3d Printer Z310 Plus [[]]

Development boards

 [[Altera Cyclone II BAIXUN ASK2CB]] 
 [[Altera DE2]]
 [[Stellaris LM9xxx]]
 [[Digilent Inc Basys 2]]
 [[STM32 Olimex]]
 [[STM32 Chinese #1]]
 [[STM32 Chinese #2]]
 [[Keil MBC2100]]
 [[BeagleBoard XM]]

We have lots of other dev boards, they seem to breed like flys.

(1)On loan

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